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What is the new economic paradigm?

As we are living in a global and systemic social-economic environment totally interdependent, we need to guarantee that all our initiatives follow the systemic conscious principles, in order to ensure a sustainable evolution of our ecosystem.


What are the systemic consciousness principles?


The systemic consciousness principles are:

  • In a global and systemic reality no entity is an isolated island, so understanding the ecosystem is crucial to evaluate the externalities of an entity potential initiatives;
  • Creating and developing valuable relationships with the surrounding entities, in order to better understand my environment, it's a prime condition for eco-systemic evolution and sustainability;
  • Evaluating the impacts of all entity's initiatives, in order to only launch the ones that will bring positive value to the ecosystem, is crucial to guarantee its sustainability.


Why are the systemic consciousness principles needed?

To conceptually explain the need to build all our initiatives compliant to the systemic consciousness principles, we suggest that you follow the next diagram:

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