Bridges for Recovery is an approach for the recovery of an ecosystem or entity, following the systemic consciousness principles, which are the building blocks of the Bridges Advisors value proposition.

It is a strategic recovery vision focused on long-term ecosystem sustainability, analyzing in a conscious way all recovery initiatives or tactics from a specific entity according to the resulting virtuous and vicious externalities for its ecosystem.
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The following diagram shows us in a simplified and illustrative way how Bridges Advisors addresses each of the systemic consciousness principles when dealing with recovery concerns:

Understanding the ecosystem and the initiatives externalities

Not only the upstream and downstream areas are identified, but also the impacts each one of them has in the recovery process is evaluated, in qualitative and quantitative metrics (e.g. in diagram these impacts are illustrated by the arrows).
The ecosystem impacts are always taken in consideration when designing new initiatives or when evaluating existing ones.

Creating and developing valuable relationships

To create an independent recovery value proposition among such different concerns (e.g. distribution => sales maximization; credit risk => risk minimization) Bridges Advisors promotes direct involvement of all the entities initially identified as pertaining to the recovering ecosystem, through meetings, conference calls, video calls, emails and other.

Evaluating the initiatives impact in the ecosystem

Bridges Advisors evaluates the major impacts in the entity (upstream and downstream entities) and in the ecosystem, from quantitative and qualitative perspectives, to generate a systemic consciousness value proposition focused on the recovery of the entity or the ecosystem.
Several tradeoffs are identified, from recovering defaulted credit and churn, to short term profits and defaulted sectorial levels.

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