Bridges for Internationalization  is  an  approach  for  the internationalization of a value proposition, raging from the economic, the management or the social scope, following the systemic consciousness principles, which are the building blocks of the Bridges Advisors value proposition.

It is the expansion beyond borders of the systemic consciousness, bringing systemic rationalization, trust, harmony and community sense among upstream and / or downstream international entities, either dealing with organic growth, merger and acquisition, or partnerships.
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Understanding the ecosystem and the initiatives externalities

For example, if a company is focused on replicating its operation in a foreign country, Bridges Advisors develops a simplified due diligence approach, where all foreign country sector players are taken into consideration both in existing assets and in management transition main risks.

The aim is not only to understand the current position of the acquisition / partnership target, but also to understand its ability to make the transition for a new working environment, and to review the initial strategy if necessary (e.g. to go for a greenfield after a non-successful acquisition due diligence, when for example the potential targets do not fulfill companies requirements in terms of existing organization and processes).

The following diagram show us in a very simplified way the many different internationalization paths a company can choose. From supply to demand, or replicating company’s operation abroad:


Creating and developing valuable relationships

Understanding that developing a successful bridge for internalization is not only a quantitative and analytical exercise, Bridges Advisors guarantees sufficient “get together” events, in order to increase the needed systemic rationality, trust, community sense and business harmony.

To successfully address international organic growth, merger, acquisition, or partnership development, Bridges Advisors creates involvement among different entities, through transparent and clear focused communication

Evaluating the initiatives impact in the ecosystem

Finally, an eco-systemic value added quantitative and qualitative analysis is done to guarantee that the international environment will benefit from the initial company’s objectives for going abroad.

Bridges Advisors addresses the overall internationalization value proposition development in a real value added country perspective, where many variables are analyzed in quantitative and qualitative terms (e.g. country product supplied quality increase; country product supplied pricing decrease; unemployment rate impacts; ecological impacts; …).

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