Bridges for innovation is an approach focused in developing and internalizing innovation in an ecosystem or in an entity, following the systemic consciousness principles, which are the building blocks of the Bridges Advisors value proposition.

It is an holistic and end-to-end vision on how to develop and internalize (in the organization, in the processes and the systems of a specific ecosystem or entity) the innovation competences and capabilities, bringing in international best practices and inter-sectorial expertise and knowledge. Bridges Advisors defines innovation as a vehicle to answer in a more efficient and effective way for real needs.
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Bridges for Innovation is totally focused in creating an environment where innovation is a key competence, and not something that an entity pursues from time-to-time when it feels the need to do something differently:

Understanding the ecosystem and the initiatives externalities

Do we understand the numerous of entities impacted by our innovation initiatives? Are we conscious of the entire ecosystem we are impacting? Is our innovation useful to other ecosystems? How can we replicate our innovation success in other areas?

These and many more questions arrise during a Bridges for Innovation approach, as we understand that the higher we can monitor the systemic and integrated environment, the more we can add innovation value to the ecosystem we operate in as to the surrounding ones.

The following diagram is a simplified illustration of the innovation centres around the company and within the company:


Creating and developing valuable relationships

Understanding international companies best practices in innovation took Bridges Advisors a step forward in their recommendations in this area at two levels:

  • The need to create and develop valuable relationships with innovation centers (e.g. universities; research centers; …) and also to create and develop valuable relationships with disruptive sectors (e.g. information technology; telecommunications; …);
  • The need, not only, to internalize innovation within a company, but also to create good connections between the novelty centers and the remaining organization, in order to create credibility and a real sense of utility and economical value impact for these new areas.

Evaluating the initiatives impact in the ecosystem

Bridges Advisors understands innovation as a vehicle to answer to real eco-systemic needs in a more efficient and effective way, and not as a given birth tool used to meet superfluous needs in order to validate superfluous offers.

Multi-eco-systemic efficiency and effectiveness impacts are carefully measured by quantitative and qualitative metrics to evaluate and to validate all innovation strategies, such as:

  • Disruptive and momentary breakthrough periods in companies;
  • Internalization of innovation knowledge and expertise, to continuously strive for novelty within the company (i.e. shaping its organization, processes and systems or tools).
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