Bridges for Evolution and Sustainability is an approach targeting the evolution and sustainability of an ecosystem or entity, following the systemic consciousness principles, which are the building blocks of the Bridges Advisors value proposition.

It is a strategic and holistic vision of an ecosystem evolution, following a step-by-step approach, searching:
  • to trace the main endogenous macro-trends (or sectorial) and exogenous macro-trends (or universal) impacting that ecosystem;

  • to define several possible visionary long-term scenarios,

  • to identify and characterize which resources and initiatives are needed for implementing the vision defined in the second step, following the ecosystem valorization and sustainability perspective.
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Understanding the ecosystem and the initiatives externalities

Endogenous macro trends, that show us how a specific sector is evolving, and exogenous macro trends, that show us where people and entities around the world are moving to, will have a massive impact in understanding where are the boundaries of a specific “evolutionary” strategy, and how can an entity play a distinctive role in it.

Understanding these trends is the starting point for Bridges Advisors to identify and characterize a vision for any systemic entity, and to fully understand the boundaries these trends bring to the problem solving issues is a major step to develop a vision that is eco-systemic sustainable, even when an entity is preparing itself to play a distinctive role in determining the rules of the ecosystem.

The following diagram show us in a very simplified way the many the different inputs and outputs in determining an ecosystemic vision:


Creating and developing valuable relationships

No visionary strategy will be successful without creating and developing a multiple valuable relationships environment. To identify trends, to design the vision and to understand the needed resources and their timings it’s an essential primary step, but to settle the basic relationships that are going to be crucial for implementation is a critical success factor.

Bridges Advisors is focused since the first day on bringing positive value to the entire ecosystem, enabling an easy environment to bring together the essential entities needed to make the vision real, creating and developing valuable relationships among themselves.

Evaluating the initiatives impact in the ecosystem

Bridges Advisors identifies and characterizes a group of variables that will be used to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impacts in the ecosystem of an “evolutionary” strategy. These metrics are then used to determine the sustainability of the ecosystem when a visionary trend is followed, from two different perspectives:

  • The internal perspective: where Bridges Advisors evaluate the needed resources to build the visionary value proposition, understanding capabilities and expertise, and timings and financial needs to bring them in;
  • The external perspective: where Bridges Advisors evaluate the surrounding ecosystem and its transformation, resulting from the estimated impact of the recommended vision implementation for a specific entity.
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