Bridges for Efficiency and Effectiveness is an approach aiming at an effective and rational finite resources allocation in an ecosystem or entity, following the systemic consciousness principles, which are the building blocks of the Bridges Advisors value proposition.

It is a strategic resources allocation vision following a return perspective of those same resources, connecting in a concrete way the resources allocation (and its generated costs) to their effective value returns (and its generated revenues), never loosing sight of the needed identification and quantification of possible virtuous and vicious externalities, that a specific equilibrium cost / benefit generates in the involving environment.
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The following diagram show us in a simplified and illustrative way how Bridges Advisors addresses in an end-to-end perspective efficiency and effectiveness concerns:


Understanding the ecosystem and the initiatives externalities

Bridges Advisors initially identifies all the available resources in a specific ecosystem, developing a quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

These are the resources that through all the subsequent levers are going to be allocated in a rational way and in a thinking free approach, chasing all the opportunities available and always keeping the goal to sustain the achieved impact in the ecosystem, in a long term perspective.

Creating and developing valuable relationships

Like in all other expertise areas, to guarantee the most valuable relationships among different entities is a primary requisite for success, as many specific initiatives will cover different areas at the same time, merge others, and migrate human and other assets from one area to another.

Bridges Advisors will play a major role in ensuring clear and transparent communication and effective meetings to guarantee the most suitable and independent final recommendation.

Evaluating the initiatives impact in the ecosystem

As we are generating value with the allocated resources, all the efficiency and effectiveness initiatives are evaluated from a cost to income perspective, adding the revenue impact to the cost benefits previously calculated.

Bridges Advisors are always looking to improve the value of the addressed ecosystem by a rational allocation of resources, minimizing the potential damage in generated revenues.

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